Fire Eagle

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• Fire extinguishers DCP, CO2, Water and Foam

• Fire hose reels, layflat hoses and hydrants

• Fire suppression

• Fire detection

• Safety signs

• First aid kits

• Fire Stryker

Fire Extinguisher

Be Ready When Fire Breaks Out

N3 Fire SA is a Wholesale and Retail Fire Equipment Supplier, Installer, Repairer, and Servicing Agent. We service, supply and sell all kinds of fire equipment. N3 Fire SA operates currently in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal. Please see contact us page for info.

Recommended Fire Extinguisher Sizes

Area SizeFire Extinguisher Size
Houses and flats per 100m21 x 4.5kg STP
Double garage1 x 2.5kg STP
Double garage1 x 2.5kg STP
Passenger car1 x 1.5kg STP
Caravan1 x 2.5kg STP
Truck medium size1 x 2.5kg STP
Bakkie or 4x41 x 1.5kg STP
Taxi1 x 1.5kg STP
Boat 1 motor1 x 2.5kg STP
Boat 2 motors2 x 2.5kg STP